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  • “How Does Your Engine Run?®” A Leader’s Guide to the Alert Program® for Self-Regulation

  • An Introduction to “How Does Your Engine Run?”® The Alert Program® for Self-Regulation

  • Take Five! Staying Alert at Home and School

  • Test Drive: Introducing the Alert Program® Through Song

  • Alert Program Online Course

    Alert Program® Online Course

  • Overview of the Alert Program Webinar

    Overview of the Alert Program® Webinar

  • Sensory-Motor Preference Checklist Webinar (coming soon)

  • Need More CEU Tests

    Need more CEUs?

  • Alert: Go Fish!

  • Alert Bingo

  • Spanish Alert: Go Fish!

  • Spanish Alert Bingo

  • Keeping On Track: Alert Program® Companion Game

  • The Alert Program® With Songs for Self-Regulation CD

  • Fidgetin’ Fool Rap Song

  • Humdinger Rap Song

  • Fidgetin’ Fool Ringtone

  • Humdinger Ringtone