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Fidgetin’ Fool Rap Song


Fidgeting has gotten a bad rap! Help children understand how fidgeting (clicking a pen or squeezing a relaxable ball) can support attention at home or school. Students sometimes feel misunderstood on many levels: “Fidgetin’ Fool” provides positive self-talk to explain the benefits of fidgeting and self-regulating. (Please note: We do not offer refunds on our downloadable products.)

Alert Program® digital products are intended for use in a single organization, entity, practice, company, or the like. It is not intended for further distribution or reproduction.


This rap song helps provide age-appropriate, empowering language to reinforce concepts taught through the Alert Program®. A lyric sheet (PDF) is included, for those who do better reading along while listening! Shortly after you place your order, you’ll receive an email containing an MP3 file of the song and the PDF of the lyrics so you can start listening and rapping in no time!

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