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You can benefit from the Alert Program® because you can...

  • learn to become focused, productive, and balanced.
  • find practical solutions to enhance your daily life.
  • function better as a team, both at work and home.

As always, all who are new to the Alert Program®, including adults, therapists, teachers, and parents can count on us to support their work.

Lend a Hand With Self Regulation

We’re here…

To lend a helping hand.

…Pause and consider how alert you feel in this moment.
Are you feeling wired and hyped up (high alert state)? Are you feeling sluggish or running out of steam (low alert state)? Are you feeling focused, zeroed in on the task, where it’s easy to learn and problem-solve (“just right” state)? Ideally, we want the ability to shift easily from one state to another throughout our day. And one state of alertness is not better or worse than another. For example, we want to be in a low state to fall asleep at night. And we want to be able to find that sweet spot of optimal alertness to complete our work more efficiently at the office. A high alert state at a football game is fun, but not an ideal alert state for reading this webpage and absorbing new information.

The Alert Program®
“If your body is like a car engine, sometimes it runs on high, sometimes it runs on low, and sometimes it runs just right!” These simple words started the Alert Program® three decades ago.

Now, countless adults, therapists, teachers, and parents world-wide have implemented the Alert Program® .

The Alert Program®, with its user-friendly approach, helps anyone articulate their inner experience of self-regulation (how alert they feel). Self-regulation awareness turns into action with the program’s simple strategies. The program emphasizes how to change alert levels throughout the day, making it easy to get out of bed, work, be productive, learn, relax, and socialize.

The Alert Program® has been well-received in over 85 countries because we have taken complex theory and simplified it to make it accessible to everyone. Part of what makes the Alert Program® so successful is helping all team members to first learn what they do for self-regulation.

 Are you in a high alert state?

Are you in a high alert state?

  • Your engine in high gear?
  • Do you feel hyped up?
  • Or stressed out?
 Are you in a low alert state?

Are you in a low alert state?

  • Your engine in low gear?
  • Do you feel lethargic?
  • Or burned-out?
 Are you in an optimal alert state?

Are you in an optimal alert state?

  • Your engine running “just right?”
  • Do you feel alert and attentive?
  • And is it easy to focus?

What our customers are saying…

Since 1990, the Alert Program® has evolved and continues to set the gold standard with its user-friendly, low-budget approach to teaching self-regulation world-wide. People all over the globe have benefitted from this unique and well-researched program. But don’t just take it from us, here are some testimonials from people who matter.

I loved this course! Now I’m watching my regulation throughout the day and providing tools and strategies for myself that make me more in control of my nervous system. Everyone will benefit from this course. It’s helped me to our know how I function throughout my day and it’s empowering to develop strategies that can keep me regulated.”

“As a practicing OT for over 20 years, I really don’t know what I would do without this program, it’s that important! For teachers, parents, and administrators, I print out the “Alert Program® Literature and Research” document to help them understand there is proof this works. Thank you so much for helping me be a more effective therapist.”

“In my years of teaching in General and Special Education classrooms, the Alert Program® training was by far the most user-friendly and helpful. Its common sense approach easily fits into my lesson plans with great materials that my students love. This program SAVES me time so I can focus on teaching, not just managing behaviors!”

“As a dad with a child with special needs and aging parents, I wanted to learn about the Alert Program®. So pleased I took the online course because I now have practical ways to support my son and my parents. Learning more about self-regulation really has changed my family’s daily life. We are much happier and understand more now.”

Quick Questions


What is self-regulation?

“Self-regulation is the ability to attain, change, or maintain an appropriate level of alertness for a task or situation” (Williams & Shellenberger, 1996). Having the ability to change how alert we feel is the foundation of all that we do.

If we are in a low state of alertness (lethargic or burned out), we are not ready to function optimally. Likewise, if we are in a high state of alertness (hyped up or stressed out), it is more difficult to function optimally. Through the Alert Program®, we offer self-regulation strategies to attain an optimal state of alertness, thereby, setting up the nervous system for success for working, learning, interacting and playing.

Learn more through our courses, Your Best Self Online Course, or the Alert Program® Online Course.

Who can benefit from the Alert Program®?

The Alert Program® can help everyone at any age because self-regulation is the basis of all that we do. We want to set up the nervous system for success so it is in an optimal state for functioning. When we are in an optimal state (alert, attentive, and focused) then it is much easier to work, learn, and interact well with others.

To learn more, view the courses page.

What evidence is there that the Alert Program® concepts work?

We compiled an extensive list of research specific to the program and articles supporting self-regulation strategies (this list is updated regularly). Please review the “Alert Program® Literature and Research” document to learn more.

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