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Alert Program® Literature and Research

We are committed to providing the practitioner and families with available evidence, research, and published literature related to the use and credibility of the Alert Program®.

The “Alert Program® Literature and Research” document supports evidence-based practice and provides an extensive list of research and literature specific to the Alert Program®.

Access to available evidence provides credibility and effectiveness. “When engaged in clinical decision-making process, occupational therapists [teachers and health care professionals] today are expected to integrate their own expertise with client perspectives and evidence from scientific literature.” (AOTA Approved Provider Quarterly Update: February 2007).

Whether you are looking for what has been said about our program, or checking out what research has been done on specific populations, this document is easy to print and share with colleagues or clients.

We’re here to help make self-regulation easy! Utilize this comprehensive list of Alert Program® research and articles to create “buy in” from all the key players in the client’s life because the Alert Program® is most effective when everyone is on the same page.