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Courses & Need Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! You can choose to receive CEUs for reading our books, taking the Alert Program® Online Course, or taking the Your Best Self: The Alert Program® For All Online Course. Then, you simply take the CEU Test, score 70% or higher, and you’ll receive your Certificate of Completion. Take the CEU Test without any stress! To make sure your “engine” does not go up into high gear, you can re-take any of the CEU Tests at no additional cost, if needed, to pass.

Alert Program Online Course

Alert Program® Online Course CEUs…

Book and CEU Tests

Your Best Self Online Course CEUs…

  • Want 8 contact hours?
  • This self-care course is for you (and all adults) who want their days to flow with more ease by understanding sensory information and self-regulation strategies!
  • Your Best Self Online Course »

CEUs for reading books…

  • Buy the book + CEU Test.
  • Have your own book? Then, just buy the CEU Test.
  • CEU Tests »

By reading our books or taking our online courses and completing the CEU Test, you’ll receive:

Your Best Self Online Course = 8 Contact Hours
(0.8 AOTA CEUs or 10 NBCOT PDUs)
Introductory Booklet = 1 Contact Hour
(0.1 AOTA CEUs or 1.25 NBCOT PDUs)
Take Five! = 3 Contact Hours
(0.3 AOTA CEUs or 3.75 NBCOT PDUs)
Test Drive = 3 Contact Hours 
(0.3 AOTA CEUs or 3.75 NBCOT PDUs)
Leader’s Guide = 5 Contact Hours
(0.5 AOTA CEUs or 6.25 NBCOT PDUs)
Alert Program® Online Course = 20 Contact Hours
(2.0 AOTA CEUs or 25.0 NBCOT PDUs)


Books + CEU Tests

Save a bundle with our CEU Test and product combination packages! You’ll receive the Alert Program® product AND the CEU Test so you can earn credits for reading/watching/listening to our products. Click below to order the product(s) and corresponding CEU Test(s) that fill the bill for your continuing education! Not only do we make self-regulation easy, we make earning continuing education credits easy, too!

CEU Tests

These CEU Tests are designed for our customers who already have their Alert Program® book(s). Click below to order the corresponding CEU Test(s) for the Alert Program® products you already own. You’ll receive a receipt with a link to the CEU Test so you can “hit the ground running” to earn your continuing education credits. What a simple way to receive continuing education credit for an Alert Program® book you’ve already read or want to review again!

Our Two Outstanding Online Courses

The occupational therapists who wrote the book on self-regulation bring you these two outstanding, engaging, self-study, online courses. You’ll benefit from the step-by-step approach Mary Sue and Sherry have developed based on their 35+ years of experience to create simple, practical solutions you can incorporate into your everyday living. You’ll laugh and learn from the real-life stories they share. They’ve experienced the struggles you may be facing right now and they want to support you!


Note: We are a proud AOTA Approved Provider for continuing education, yet, we encourage you to double check with your state licensure board to confirm CEU approval.