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Teachers need the Alert Program® to...

  • spend less time managing “behaviors,”
  • gain time for teaching academic content, and
  • support students’ ability to attend, focus, and learn easily.
 Engage with your students

We help you…

Engage with your students.

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend less time managing your classroom and more time on teaching? Whether you are educating preschoolers, elementary students, or middle/high schoolers, the Alert Program® makes your teaching easier!

We’ve done the work for you. Our classroom-ready program provides a step-by-step approach with songs, games, and books to help you incorporate self-regulation strategies into your lesson plans.

Bring teaching to the forefront of your classroom again.

Learn about this evidence-based program and find out how you can incorporate the Alert Program® into your classroom, school, or district.

You might want to start by taking Your Best Self Online Course. It’s six hours of engaging videos in short, 2-10 minute segments created for those with busy schedules — developed so you can watch or listen almost anywhere and almost at any time (while exercising, commuting to work, or doing tasks around the house, etc.).

Attention Learning Problems

Challenges you see…

  • poor attention span,
  • easily distractible,
  • rarely focused,
  • can’t complete tasks,
  • high or low activity level.
ADD Autism FASD Learning

Alert Program® is for...

  • autism, ADD, and FASD,
  • other learning challenges,
  • home schooling,
  • General Education,
  • Special Education.
Self Regulation Research

Research shows improved…

  • self-regulation,
  • organization,
  • coping with sensory challenges,
  • focus and ability to transition,
  • executive functioning.

Learn Online from the Authors

Partnering with educators for 35+ years

Classroom materials for you.

Kid-tested, teacher-approved,
Fun games and songs.
Group and individual options.
Effective and simple tips!

We have excellent books, games, and songs with all kinds of self-regulation solutions!

Highly Acclaimed Alert Program

Don’t miss our online courses.

Alert Program® Online Course includes…
Low-budget activities,
Practical classroom solutions,
Self-paced, engaging videos for you to learn how
To support your students.
(Leader’s Guide book included.)

Your Best Self Online Course includes…
Easy ways for you to be alert, energized, productive, and balanced,
Lifetime access to watch almost anywhere and almost anytime,
Countless ideas to support your self-care,
As well as improving your ability to observe and support your students (and your family).

Frequently Asked Questions

For Teachers
Can the Alert Program® help my students?

Yes, and we can show you how easily you can support attention for those who are in General or Special Education through low-budget activities in our books, songs, and games!

In our Take Five! book, you’ll find lots of practical activities that have been kid-tested and teacher-approved; “we’ve been there, done it” for decades. So, we know the concerns of classroom teachers and we provide you with self-regulation activities for individual students, small groups, or your whole class.

Your students will love learning about the Alert Program® vocabulary and strategies through the Test Drive (book and CD). It couldn’t be easier: This book and its engaging songs lay it all out for you, explaining what to say to your students and how to keep them alert for learning.

We’ve adapted the classic games Go Fish and Bingo to be economical and fun for your classroom. Your students will enjoy them so much, they won’t even know they are learning concepts to make school easier.

And you can teach the entire Alert Program® to your students using the Leader’s Guide’s step-by-step activities, and 50+ pages of reproducibles, so your students can learn how to be independent in changing how alert they feel.

All of our books, games, and songs were developed to be easily implemented by teachers (General and Special Education), so you’ll want to check out our list of Alert Program® materials to learn more.

What evidence supports the use of the Alert Program® in my classroom?

The Alert Program® has been helping students of all ages and ability levels since 1990 and research has demonstrated its effectiveness.

Many teachers print out the 20+ pages of our “Alert Program® Literature and Research” document to share with parents, school administrators, or other team members to show the excellence in evidence-based practice. Want more ideas of how to get administrative support in your setting? Click here or browse answers to common questions in the Need Support section of our footer.

How can I explain the Alert Program® to parents?

Our complimentary, one page handout helps you pave the way in explaining to parents (team members or administrators) how the Alert Program® supports your classroom curriculum. Click here to print the “What’s All This Talk About Engines?” free handout.

Also, many teachers have our Introductory Booklets on hand for parents (team members or administrators) who want to learn the basics of the Alert Program®. Or you may want to direct them to our website’s New to the Alert Program® page, Blog articles, or Free Resources to learn more.

How do I help my students attend and be focused in my classroom?

The Alert Program® online course has received rave reviews from teachers and administrators who feel empowered to implement self-regulation strategies in their classrooms, schools, or school districts. Learn how implementing a few self-regulation ideas into your lesson plans can yield positive results, in a relatively short amount of time! See our Alert Program® Online Course.

I’m totally new to the Alert Program®. Where should I begin?

We are happy to support you to find ways to help your students. You may have more questions and we’ve got answers! Click here to learn more about the Alert Program®.