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Adults and Organizations need the Alert Program® because...

  • self-regulation underlies and supports all that we do.
  • people of all ages and settings benefit from our program.
  • these powerful and practical tools support Your Best Self.
Engage with your clients
Small changes in your day create powerful results…

We help you:

  • Start your day more smoothly, feel less stressed and overwhelmed
  • Be more calm, alert, think more clearly
  • Work better with others
  • Be more productive
  • Improve focus while videoconferencing or working from home
  • Shift your alertness and energy levels up or down as needed throughout your day
  • Get along better in personal or work relationships that are challenging or out of sync

Examples of Who We Serve

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Global Communities & Peacebuilders

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Professionals across every industry

retail workers

Retail Workers


Caregivers, Behavioral Health, and Hospice Providers

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First Responders

Learn From Internationally Recognized Presenters

Supporting and inspiring adults for 35+ years

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We are so confident this course can help you….
  • The Alert Program® has been used with proven success for over 35 years in 85+ countries.
  • The Alert Program® is for ALL and its research-based science can be applied to everyday living so your life flows more smoothly.
  • You’ll get 100s of practical easy-to-use ideas you can start applying today.
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Acquire a new language to describe how alert you feel…

  • Support yourself and others better when you utilize this unique language.
  • Learn to understand and communicate about how your nervous system is doing.
  • Get tools to change how alert you feel.
  • Significantly enhance your work, relationships, and self-care practices.
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We help you enhance what you are already doing…
  • Do you wake up raring to go?
  • Or, are you slow to wake up?
  • Do you feel your energy dips during your day?
  • Is it easy for you to wind down at the end of the day?
  • These questions are significant. The Alert Program ® gives you simple solutions to regulate your self throughout the day.

Take our
Your Best Self: The Alert Program® for All Course!

Numerous real-life examples. Relaxed and relatable content. Video segments no longer than 12 minutes.

Discounted group rates.  8 CEU contact hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Adults
What is self-regulation?
“Self-regulation is the ability to attain, change, or maintain an appropriate level of alertness for a task or situation” (Williams & Shellenberger, 1996). Having the ability to change how alert we feel is the foundation of all that we do. If we are in a low state of alertness (lethargic or burned out), we are not ready to function optimally. Likewise, if we are in a high state of alertness (hyped up or stressed out), it is more difficult to function optimally. Through the Alert Program®, we offer self-regulation strategies to attain an optimal state of alertness, thereby, setting up the nervous system for success for working, learning, interacting and playing. Learn more through our courses, Your Best Self Online Course, or the Alert Program® Online Course.
Who can benefit from the Alert Program®?
The Alert Program® can help everyone at any age because self-regulation is the basis of all that we do. We want to set up the nervous system for success so it is in an optimal state for functioning. When we are in an optimal state (alert, attentive, and focused) then it is much easier to work, learn, and interact well with others. To learn more, view the courses page.
What evidence is there that the Alert Program® concepts work?
We compiled an extensive list of research specific to the program and articles supporting self-regulation strategies (this list is updated regularly). Please review the “Alert Program® Literature and Research” document to learn more.