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Alert: Go Fish!


(This is a downloadable game only.)

This novel adaptation of the traditional Go Fish card game is sure to be a favorite in classrooms, homes, and therapy clinics. While playing ALERT: GO FISH!, children have fun while learning to identify high, low, and just right alert levels (as described in Stage One of the Leader’s Guide). (Please note: We do not offer refunds on our downloadable products.)

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Alert Program® digital products are intended for use in a single organization, entity, practice, company, or the like. It is not intended for further distribution or reproduction.

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This is a two-for-one card game: children can play ALERT: GO FISH! or ALERT CONCENTRATION (a memory game) with the same set of cards. Many game variations, including this memory game, are included in the easy-to-read game instructions. You can play this printable game today, hot off the press, from your own printer!

ALERT: GO FISH! includes a deck of 52 colorful playing cards (approximately 3″ x 4″). These cards feature appealing illustrations with animals and children in high, low, just right alert levels. The cards were designed to give examples of what children typically experience. Learning about how to self-regulate in daily routines was never easier.

The ALERT: GO FISH! game is intended to accompany the steps and activities outlined in the Leader’s Guide. We assume your students are learning about self-regulation through the Alert Program® with its three stages. Perhaps your children have been singing the “Just Right” song from the Test Drive: Introducing the Alert Program® through Song book and CD. If so, ALERT: GO FISH! is the perfect way to teach Stage One: Identifying Engine Speeds.

For example, a child will look at his cards and ask another player, “Do you have a duck in high?” The other player will scan her cards to find the card with ducks standing in a line in a school hallway. She may even chuckle at the ducks poking at each other and feathers flying… definitely ducks in a high alert state!

Whether as a quick review or an initial introduction to the Alert Program® concepts, children are sure to want to play the ALERT: GO FISH! game again and again!

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