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Fidgetin’ Fool Ringtone


What could be more fun than hearing a clip from the “Fidgetin’ Fool” song as your custom ringtone? Identify your favorite fidgeter and load the ringtone into your smart phone. You’ll be all set for a toe-tapping reminder to keep alert and focused! (Please note: We do not offer refunds on our downloadable products.)

Alert Program® digital products are intended for use in a single organization, entity, practice, company, or the like. It is not intended for further distribution or reproduction.


You will receive your ringtone via email. Then, have fun when you receive an incoming call and others ask, “What is that ringtone?” (a self-regulation teachable moment). We’ll warn you that you might start calling yourself just to hear the upbeat and catchy ringtone!

Click to listen.

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