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String Pipes (10 pack)


(Sold in quantities of 10 per pack)

Previously, only available to our Alert Program® Online Course attendees, we wanted to share this unique tool more widely. So, we’ve packaged these high quality string pipes in 10 per pack to fit the bill for clinics, classrooms, and families. Each pack of our string pipes includes 10 extra straws (10 pipes and 20 straws). Order now to BLOW the minds of self-regulators, young and old.

We preach what we teach in our Alert Program® Online Course. We have made these string pipes visually appealing to keep the user engaged while using this mouth strategy to reach their optimal alert levels. While blowing and watching the colored string move, the string pipe naturally encourages deep belly breath, thereby supporting self-regulation (a great way to become alert, attentive, and focused). These string pipes can be used in therapy sessions, in classrooms, or home settings. You can use them to support self-regulation, for example in morning or bedtime routines, before or after school or community events. They can even make writing a report, studying for a test, or completing homework easier. Everyone (children and adults alike) are more productive when in an optimal alert level and when well-regulated.

These string pipes are above and beyond the quality you would typically expect and are manufactured in the USA! They will be a fun support for you and/or your client’s self-regulation.

Buy 30-90 string pipes and save... Only $6.25 each!
Buy 100+ string pipes and save... Only $6.00 each!


You are probably familiar with the Alert Program® five ways to change how alert one feels (Mouth, Move, Touch, Look, and Listen Categories) so you are going to love these string pipes, not only for their excellent quality, but for the ease in how it encourages breath support (deep belly breathing) for self-regulation.

Designed with customization in mind, simply cut the straw with scissors to get your perfect fit for your or your child/client’s breath strength and focal distance. We know you’ll like the potential oral motor, respiratory, visual, and self-regulation benefits.

Each string pipe in our pack of 10 are differently colored to make them easy to distinguish (for example, each family member in a home can have a different colored pipe). And it’s a whistle without sound, so anyone can “whistle while they work!” (without the noise bothering others).

NOTE: Use with adult supervision. Not recommended for children under 3 years. String pipes contain small parts – Choking Hazard. Appropriate for ages 6+.

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