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FREE Resources

Sometimes we need to help others “buy in” to understanding the importance of using self-regulation strategies. The following free resources are provided for ease in sharing the Alert Program® basics with parents, teachers, therapists, or other team members. Why?

Imagine a teacher’s (or parent’s) surprise when hearing a child suddenly start talking about his “engine” and having no idea she is using an analogy for self-regulation awareness. We want children to be supported as they are learning to self-regulate without confusion, question, or puzzled faces from their adults.

Therefore, prior to the start of the Alert Program®, we strongly recommend that parents, teachers, or therapists be informed when a child will be learning about the program and before using self-regulation strategies in a home, school, or community setting.

A key to the successful implementation of the Alert Program® is having the adults on a child’s educational team (or the medical team for an adult client) be familiar with the program’s basic concepts. For this purpose, we provide the following free support materials to share with team members:

The One Page Handout for children using the engine analogy:
Carryover from one facet of the child’s life to another is critical and in the vein of keeping it simple (“self-regulation made easy!”), we’ve created this succinct one page handout to share with the child’s support team (a teacher can share it with a parent, a therapist can share it with a teacher, etc). “What’s All This Talk About Engines?” (one page handout) is available in multiple languages.

Not using the engine analogy? One metaphor does not fit all!
If a child or adult is learning about self-regulation and not using the engine analogy, then you might find it helpful to read this article to share with team members.

Supporting a child with autism?
Click here for this article that explains how to adapt the Alert Program® for those with autism. Parents, teachers, and therapists are encouraged to share this with others.

Overview of the Alert Program® for parents:
If you are a parent, you’ll want to read this article. Then share it with other family members, teachers, or other team members to encourage them to support your child’s use of self-regulation strategies. If you are a therapist or teacher, consider sharing this article with any parent who is learning about the importance of self-regulation so they can better support their son or daughter at home.