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Alert Program® Product Descriptions

Your Best Self the Alert Program® for All Online Course
This course is for us as adults. It provides the missing piece in our self-care to enhance our work life and our relationships. Learn new tools and new language to expand your repertoire of  strategies to be Your Best Self!

It has been approved for credits through the IL Early Intervention Training Program and is part of TherapyWorks’ American Occupational Therapy Association’s Approved Provider Program of professional development.

Alert Program® Online Course
Learn directly from Mary Sue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger about how to make self-regulation easy for all ages, all populations, and all settings! This is a self-paced course with HD video of the authors sharing practical solutions for the challenges you face.

It has been approved for credits through the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare, the IL Early Intervention Training Program and is part of TherapyWorks’ American Occupational Therapy Association’s Approved Provider Program of professional development.

Leader’s Guide
This book draws from the authors’ 40+ years of experience. The Leader’s Guide provides the foundation for beginning to learn how to implement the Alert Program® by explaining the theory, along with step-by-step instructions and easy to follow activities. It guides you through the twelve steps to teach independent self-regulation with an extensive list of activities and clinical stories. The book includes sample worksheets that can be used in the program, with permission to copy for educational use. Join the thousands of parents, teachers, and therapists who are helping children through the use of the Alert Program®.

Introductory Booklet
This booklet is an excerpt from the first chapter of the Leader’s Guide. Because it is an overview of the program, teachers often give the booklet to a parent to share what Alert Program® concepts the student is learning at school. Likewise, parents can use it as a resource to give to teachers so they will understand what the child is doing at home. Or, therapists can give this booklet to parents to help them understand what their child is working on in therapy.

Take Five!
This book was written for parents and teachers, providing activities that are helpful to keep children alert at home and school. Many therapists recommend these low-budget, easy-to-use activities. Teachers, parents, and therapists will love the quick movement breaks and other suggestions to expand their repertoire of self-regulation strategies for use in a variety of settings. This book does not teach children about their engine levels, but it is organized around the five ways to change how alert we feel.

Test Drive
This book, with its’ appealing digital songs to support children’s self-regulation, is full of practical ideas and suggestions. Test Drive is the simplest way to introduce the Alert Program® concepts to children in elementary schools, homes, or therapy settings.

The Alert Program® with  Songs for Self-Regulation Digital Version
This double set includes an introduction to the program with excerpts from the Leader’s Guide that are read aloud by the authors. Many enjoy listening to the excerpts (first set), rather than reading the Introductory Booklet. The second set has fun and playful songs that help children change their engine speeds. These songs do not utilize the engine analogy (engine words are not in the lyrics), whereas the Test Drive songs do; these songs are coded (arrows pointing up for alerting songs and arrows pointing down for calming songs), thus guiding teachers, parents, and therapists to choose appropriate songs to support self-regulation.

Alert: Go Fish! and Alert Bingo
These downloadable games can be yours in just minutes. Order online and print directly to your printer for outstanding visual appeal that kids and adults alike will enjoy. Alert: Go Fish! supports those learning how to identify engine speeds (Stage One) and Alert Bingo teaches the five ways to change engines speeds (Stage Two).

Keeping On Track Board Game
This board game is an educational and fun way to reinforce the Alert Program® concepts. This visually engaging road trip includes game instructions and bonus material with plenty of tips to make the game successful for children of different ability levels (reinforces concepts in Stage One, Stage Two, and/or Stage Three).

CEU Tests
Need Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)? It’s so easy, you are not going to believe it! All you have to do is purchase the corresponding CEU Test, after reading any of our books, and you’ll get credit!  Good news: you can take any of our CEU Tests as many time as you need to pass with 70% (so your “engine” won’t go up into high gear). Visit our Shop to learn more.

NOTE: These Alert Program® Online Courses were designed for adults. These Alert Program® books, games and songs were designed for support elementary-aged students. However, many teachers, parents, and therapists successfully have adapted the products for older and younger clients. Some people believe they need all the products in order to use the program. Actually, the Leader’s Guide is the only product that is essential for implementing the whole program (buy it separately, or when you register for the online course, you’ll receive the Leader’s Guide, along with the course handouts). But many folks don’t have time to teach the whole program, with all its steps and stages, so instead they start with the Test Drive (book and CD), Introductory Booklet, Take Five!, Alert Program® CD, Alert: Go Fish! or Alert Bingo.

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