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Alert Bingo


(This is a downloadable game only.)

You are not going to want to miss this simple, yet engaging Bingo game variation to help teach about self-regulation. It is adapted easily for readers and non-readers alike. When playing ALERT BINGO, children have fun while learning the five ways to change engine levels (as described in Stage Two of the Leader’s Guide). Rather than the five columns in a traditional Bingo game labeled B-I-N-G-O, in ALERT BINGO, the five columns are labeled Mouth, Move, Touch, Look, and Listen. This printable game can be yours in just a matter of minutes! After purchasing, you will receive a download link in an email for ease in printing.  (Please note: We do not offer refunds on our downloadable products.)

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Alert Program® digital products are intended for use in a single organization, entity, practice, company, or the like. It is not intended for further distribution or reproduction.


ALERT BINGO is sure to become a favorite way for you to help children expand their repertoire of engine strategies, so they can proudly answer the question, “How Does your Engine Run?”®

ALERT BINGO was developed to be played after children are familiar with Stage One (and they can identify engine speeds indicating how alert they feel). Your students may have already played the ALERT: GO FISH! card game or other activities from the Leader’s Guide. Or perhaps they have been singing songs from the Test Drive: Introducing the Alert Program® Through Song book and CD to learn how to identify their engine speeds. If so, then they will enjoy playing ALERT BINGO to learn the five ways to change engine levels.

In the traditional Bingo game, an adult calls out numbers and children place tokens on their individual game cards. In Alert Bingo, however, players have one of three different level cards and picture tokens are used instead of typical plastic tokens. You will receive game instructions, picture token sheets and three different Bingo cards:

  • Bingo card with blank spaces
  • Bingo card with illustrations (for students who are able to match pictures)
  • Bingo card with descriptor words (for students who are able to read)

ALERT BINGO has a total of 12 full-color Bingo cards (four sets of each of the Bingo cards listed above, along with four Picture Token sheets). The game instructions explain the many game variations for children who are learning Alert Program® concepts with their families at home, in individual or group sessions in therapy clinics, or in small groups in special education or general education classrooms. Kids will love the colorful illustrations on the Bingo cards that help them to effortlessly learn the many engine strategies they can use to make school and home life easier.

NOTE: The ALERT BINGO game is intended to accompany the steps and activities outlined in “How Does Your Engine Run?”® The Alert Program® for Self-Regulation. We assume your students are learning about self-regulation through the Alert Program® with its three stages. ALERT BINGO is sure to become a favorite among your children, while teaching Stage Two: Experimenting with Methods to Change Engine Speeds.

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