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Update for Shipping Internationally:

Due to variations in how different countries are handling shipping and customs, we highly recommend if you live outside of the United States, you order through one of our international distributors listed below!

We have both shippable and downloadable Alert Program® products:
•Our international distributors can ship our books and board game directly to you.

•Our downloadable products, such as the Alert Bingo and Alert: Go Fish! games, are available exclusively through our website and will arrive via email immediately after you purchase them.

As you know, the shipping costs outside the USA vary greatly, as does the time to get them to you (and unfortunately there are often custom delays that are out of our control), therefore, we recommend the following:

If you are purchasing our books and/or the board game, please reach out to an international distributor below who is closest to your location. Often, they can offer lower shipping costs and faster delivery since they are shipping shorter distances. Also, they will know the current regulations regarding shipping in their region. They should be able to estimate arrival times of your shippable Alert Program® products, as well.

If you can’t find a distributor near your location, you can order through us here on our website and have us ship directly to you. We try to keep pricing as low as possible but, unfortunately,  we can’t control changes in international shipping restrictions. Please remember, if shipping costs are higher than you hoped, they are not determined by us but are determined by USPS, FedEx, etc.

NOTE: For orders shipped outside of the USA, TherapyWorks cannot be responsible for any customs charges that your country may impose on your materials. The variability of customs and tariffs is beyond our control. 

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Don’t see your country on the list?
No problem! Our distributors can usually give you more economical shipping rates than we can here in the USA, so we suggest you contact the distributor closest to you (listed above).

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The Alert Program® Online Course price includes the Leader’s Guide, handouts, and Bag of Brain Breaks (self-regulations strategies) that will be shipped after you register. Due to international mailing restrictions, we cannot guarantee the timeline for delivery for the Alert Program® Online Course but we will extend your access to the course, if your course materials are delayed.

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