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What’s All This Talk About Engines?

We encourage all involved with the Alert Program® to be familiar with the key concepts and self-regulation strategies.

No worries… we’ve done the work for you; we wrote this brief overview of the Alert Program®, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We provide the following one page handout so you can share it with all team members to help them be on board to support children who are learning about the Alert Program®.

This one page handout is a good first step in helping team members understand the importance of self-regulation so they can better support children/clients. Our Alert Program® Online Course goes into detail of how to help more team members “be on board” with you to have greater follow through and support for self-regulation. When helping team members to “buy into” the Alert Program® concepts, you may want to consider sharing with parents our free Brief Overview of the Alert Program® for Parents article and the Alert Program® Overview: Supporting Children With Autism.

PDF downloads available in English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.