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Top Ten Reasons OTs Work in the Schools Poster


(This is a PDF you can print.)

Post this fun Top Ten list in your office space to get a giggle each time you look at it! It will remind OTs, who work in the schools, to laugh and who doesn’t need that!

Alert Program® digital products are intended for use in a single organization, entity, practice, company, or the like. It is not intended for further distribution or reproduction.


In its past life, this Top Ten List was a T-shirt (you’ve been around a while, as an OT, if you remember that). Then this list morphed into a large poster and now, it has kept up with the times, and is available to you as a PDF that can be printed! This 8 1/2” x 11” poster will fit perfectly into your, likely, limited office space. Go ahead…order and print yours now!

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