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Radio Show Interviews

We strongly recommend anyone who is going to be supporting a child/client to learn about self-regulation to first help other team members to understand the key concepts. If you are new to the Alert Program®, as you listen to radio interviews with Sherry and Mary Sue, you’ll get an overview of the Alert Program®. If you are familiar with the program, this is a good vehicle (pun intended) to share the Alert Program® basics with others so they can better support self-regulation in homes, schools, or community settings.

It’’s Your Health Radio Show
This radio show interview is a 35-minute show hosted by Lisa Davis. The Alert Program® authors, Sherry and Mary Sue, share tips and information about self-regulation.

Autism One: A Conversation of Hope
Mary Sue and Sherry (authors) are interviewed, in this 60-minute radio show, by Teri Arranga (host) and Kristin Selby Gonzales (co-host) on Voice America Health and Wellness Network.

Boston Radio Show
A follow-up interview with Lisa Davis was recorded on It’s Your Health Radio (91.5 WUML) in Boston, MA. Learn more from the authors!

Baltimore Radio Show
This 50-minute interview by Dr. Cindy Sandler on 680 WCBM: The Learning Connection (brought to you by The Weinberg Academy).