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(Re)introducing our Free Fill ‘Er Up Alert Program® Conference Calls! Nearly a decade ago, we released a series of recorded conference calls that covered topics ranging from dealing with holiday challenges to successfully implementing and tracking progress of the Alert Program®. Enjoy these recordings, where Sherry is joined by colleagues and experts in sensory processing disorders, education, twice exceptional learners, and more. Recorded Fill ‘Er Up conference calls will be available on the following topics, with a new recording being released monthly until we get them all posted for you: 

Alert Program® & Morning Routines
Alert Program® & Bedtime Routines
Alert Program® & Back to School
Alert Program® & Car and Bus Rides
Alert Program® & Halloween Tips
Alert Program® & Holiday Challenges
Tracking Success of the Alert Program®

Alert Program® & Transitions
Alert Program® & Language Levels
Alert Program® & Preventing Big Behaviors with Little Strategies
Alert Program® & Classroom Management Part I
Alert Program® & Classroom Management Part II
Alert Program® & Twice Exceptional Learners

Alert Program® & Morning Routines

Carla Cay Williams, OT/L, Kid Power Therapy Associates

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Alert Program® & Bedtime Routines

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