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We’ve all heard that 10,000 steps a day is optimal for reducing cardiovascular disease, cancer risk, and dementia. However, walking four to five miles at once can be daunting, not to mention unrealistic for most schedules. According to Michael Fredericson, MD, the director of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation division of Stanford University, your walking sessions don’t have to be continuous to be beneficial. This is great news for those of us with busy lives! Taking time throughout the day to move can have tremendous benefits to your health, and more.

In addition to positively impacting your health, physical activity breaks are important for self-regulation, productivity, and focus. Here at the Alert Program®, we emphasize that we do exercise and take frequent movement breaks throughout the day because it’s an often missing piece of our self-care, and an important part of self-regulation. And understanding our self-regulation helps us tremendously to have more ease in our day.

To learn more about movement breaks and their benefit to staying self-regulated, watch this video. To learn more self-regulation strategies and to organize them to fit you personally, check out our Your Best Self Online Course.