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A recent global survey conducted by Future Forum has unveiled alarming levels of burnout among workers worldwide. 42% of the 10,243 respondents reporting feelings of burnout, which highlights the pervasive impact of workplace stress. Burnout is defined by the World Health Organization as experiencing energy depletion, increased negativity, and reduced efficacy at work. This figure marks a significant increase from May 2021, indicating a worsening trend in mental exhaustion.
Interestingly, the survey reveals disparities in burnout rates among different populations. Women are more likely to experience burnout, with 46% reporting feelings of exhaustion compared to 37% of men. Further, workers under 30 appear to be particularly susceptible, with 48% expressing burnout compared to 40% of their older colleagues. These findings suggest that factors such as gender and age can play a crucial role in shaping workplace experiences.
Employees dissatisfied with their level of work flexibility are 43% more likely to experience burnout, highlighting the need for organizations to prioritize flexibility in scheduling. Overall, the survey highlights a pressing need for organizations to address burnout and prioritize employee well-being. There are many resources available to learn to better support employees’ (and your own!) mental health and well-being. Your Best Self Online Course is designed to teach you strategies to put “Your Best Self” forward at home, at work, and in your relationships. Employers and employees alike benefit from improving their self care practices. Register today!