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The Alert Program® teaches that you have five categories to change how alert you feel: Put something in your mouth (coffee or crunchy popcorn), move (take a brisk walk or do stretches), touch (put on lotion or wrap up in an afghan), look (raise or dim the lights), and listen (to classical or rock n’ roll music). Each category has many more options, of course. For example, connecting with the “look” and “listen” categories might be as simple as stepping outside and tuning into the sounds of nature.
In a recent article by The Washington Post, “Why birds and their songs are good for our mental health,” listening to birdsong can have a profound impact on mental well-being. Connecting with nature, a practice consistently linked to improved body and brain health, takes a delightful form through the songs of birds. Not to mention, it’s accessible to all—engaging with birds, whether in your backyard or with a birding group, can significantly contribute to the enhancement of mental health. In fact, Alert Program® authors Sherry and MarySue are avid birdwatchers themselves!
For more fun suggestions on how to change your alert levels in all five categories, check out our Your Best Self Online Course!