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After more than three years of significant changes to the job market and workplace, a recent Gallup report highlights a concerning decline in employee engagement, particularly among Gen Zers and young millennials. In 2022, only 32% of workers reported feeling engaged with their jobs, compared to 36% in 2020. This drop in engagement, especially among younger employees, is concerning for both employee mental health and overall company performance.
The decline in engagement is not limited to a specific work arrangement, and affects onsite, hybrid, and fully-remote employees alike. To address the crisis of employee engagement, companies are recognizing the importance of prioritizing workplace mental health and well-being. Additionally, striking a balance between remote and in-person collaboration becomes imperative as the work landscape continues to evolve.
Your Best Self Online Course offers easy-to-implement strategies, where participants can learn about their own self-regulation needs, which is helpful in bridging communication gaps between employees and employers. In 2021, 100% of participants reported an enhanced ability to navigate personal and work relationships after taking the Your Best Self Online Course. Companies across more than 85 countries have implemented these strategies and experienced an enhanced ability to communicate and self-regulate among their staff. Investing in your staff pays off in a big way when everyone can show up as their best selves!