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It’s college admission season here in the US, which comes with a flood of emotions for high school students and families across the nation. Coming to a decision on where to begin one’s higher education journey can be one of the biggest decisions in a young adult’s life. And receiving acceptances and rejections can play a large role in a student’s self-worth and confidence.

In recent years, social media has only risen the stakes. Students are feeling pressure to attend a desirable university now more than ever — videos of students receiving acceptance letters have inundated Instagram and TikTok. The public nature of being accepted into and attending college is often equal parts exciting, scary, exhilarating, and uncertain for high school students.

For many young adults, this is a season full of many transitions. Soon-to-be-graduated students face the high stress and emotions of finishing out high school, the significance of choosing where to spend the next four years, and the newfound independence that comes with leaving home. Learning to master transitions is an essential part of having a smooth, well-regulated progression from high school to college.

The Alert Program® has a track record of supporting self-regulation in times of transition. Your Best Self Online Course is particularly effective in teaching and supporting one’s own self-regulation needs. Some of the things this course is designed to support include:

✔️ Feeling less stressed or overwhelmed

✔️ Being more calm and alert

✔️Thinking more clearly

Support your student by giving them the necessary tools to feel confident, excited, and well-regulated as they transition from high school to college.