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Something going on with your kiddo? Maybe learning or socializing isn’t going so smoothly? You’ve come to the right site. Here are five Alert Program® tips to ease your mind and set change in motion.

1) Know that there are a lot of kids and teens like yours and parents like you — and loads of resources (click here to learn more).

2) Each of us has what we at the Alert Program® call an “engine” — that part that pushes you out of bed, propels you through your day, and drops your head back on the pillow at night. When engines are running “just right,” then it’s easy to be attentive, focused, and alert (to self-regulate) throughout the day.

3) Get ready to look at yourself first, then your son or daughter. This is crucial to understanding what’s happening inside your kiddo. The more you understand what you do to keep yourself alert, the better you’ll be able to help your child to self-regulate.

4) During your day you move among three states of alertness: low, just right and high. Each one has its place. But “just right” is the one we want your son or daughter to be in for learning or making friends.

5) There are five ways (or sensory avenues) to move from high or low to get to that “just right” optimal state: put something in your mouth, move, touch, look, or listen. The Alert Program® teaches parents (teachers, and therapists) how to help kiddos to flow more easily through their day. We have songs, games, and books to show you how simple and fun it can be for you and your whole family!