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If you’ve ever struggled with getting restful, uninterrupted sleep, chances are you’ve explored the many gadgets and techniques that the wellness space has promised would cure all of your sleeping woes. One expert says that improving our sleep might be right at our fingertips, and best of all, it’s free! According to Andrew Huberman, a distinguished neuroscientist and associate professor at Stanford University, one of the best practices for fostering healthy sleep is exposing ourselves to natural sunlight each morning. His advice is refreshingly straightforward: “View sunlight by going outside within 30 to 60 minutes of waking. Do that again in the later afternoon, prior to sunset.” Although this recommendation might appear deceptively simple, it is grounded in scientific research.
But why is sunlight so crucial for our sleep and overall well-being? The answer lies in our circadian rhythms, the internal clock that regulates our sleep-wake cycle. By experiencing natural light exposure early in the day, we help synchronize our circadian rhythms, setting the stage for improved sleep at night. Moreover, being exposed to sunlight triggers the release of essential hormones, including cortisol, epinephrine, melatonin, and dopamine, which not only bolster immune system function but also enhance mood and elevate energy levels.
As we adopt this simple yet profoundly effective habit, we may find ourselves not only enjoying improved sleep but also experiencing a brighter and healthier life all around. So, take a step outside, bask in the sunlight, and prepare for the sweet reward of a revitalized sleep experience. Your well-rested self will thank you for it!
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