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How to find an OT in your area familiar with the Alert Program®

We often are asked by parents how to find an occupational therapist to support their child in learning about the Alert Program®. Likewise, we often are contacted by therapists who want to join our list of Alert Program® Ambassadors.

If you are searching for an occupational therapist in your area, familiar with the Alert Program®…
you’ve come to the right place. This is a common request and we want to steer you in the right direction. TherapyWorks supports connecting you to local clinics, schools, and agencies who currently are using the Alert Program®.

Although we cannot endorse or guarantee the quality of the services offered by the therapists listed below, they have contacted us and indicated they incorporate the Alert Program® in their practice. We suggest you contact them and ask questions such as:

  • “Have you taken the complete Alert Program® Online Course?”
  • “How long have you been using the Alert Program® concepts?”
  • “May I come to observe you using the Alert Program® with a child similar in age to my child?”

If you are an OT and interested in becoming an Alert Program® Ambassador…
please contact us for more information. We welcome those who have taken the Alert Program® two-day live training or online course, are familiar with all of our products, and are working with clients using the approach, to join our listing (see below).

Scroll down to find our ever-growing list of Alert Program® Ambassadors.

Corvallis Children’s Therapy
Development is CHILD’S PLAY! (Cupertino)
Kid’s Work Pediatric Occupational Therapy (Santa Maria)
OT Studio (San Francisco)

ABG Therapy & Wellness Center, LLC (Loveland)
Developmental FX (Denver)
Pediatric Therapy Institute (Greenwood Village)
Skills 4 Life Pediatric Occupational Therapy, LLC (Boulder)
Unique Prints Pediatric Therapy Services, Inc. (Denver)

Therapeutic Links, PC (Grayslake)

Chesapeake Occupational Therapy Associates, LLC (Annapolis)

Kids OT to Play, LLC (Danvers)
OTA – The Koomar Center (Newton)

Functional Kids Clinic (Maplewood)
Inspired Spectrums (Saint Louis Park)

Dogwood Therapy Services (Albuquerque)
ExplorAbilities, Inc. (Albuquerque)
KidPower Therapy Associates, P.C. (Albuquerque)

KidsThrive (NYC)
Pediatric OT Solutions, PC (Highland Mills)
Westchester Therapy Solutions, PLLC (White Plains)

Apex Occupational Therapy (Apex)

Sensory Solutions, LLC (Powell)

Corvallis Children’s Therapy
New Horizons Wellness Services, LLC (Beaverton)

TEAM Autism Memphis (Memphis)

Adobe Speech and Hearing Systems (Baytown)
Pediatric Therapy Specialists (San Antonio)

Allied Instructional Services (Ashland)

Center for Therapeutic Intervention (Gig Harbor)
Corvallis Children’s Therapy
Encompass (North Bend)
Maple Valley Pediatric Therapy (Maple Valley)
Pediatric Therapy Associates (Olympia)
Stepping Stones Occupational Therapy (Bellevue)
Life Span Occupational Therapy Services

Canadian Children’s Therapy

Centro STEPS