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What's All This Talk About Engines?

This one page handout is now available in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian to share with others.

As we mentioned earlier, we believe strongly that those adults unfamiliar with the Alert Program need support self-regulation in homes, schools, and other settings. We encourage all involved with the program to be familiar with at least the basic Alert Program concepts, engine analogy, and self-regulation strategies.

In that spirit, we provide a one page handout to print and share. We've had the opportunity to test it with parents, teachers, and therapists. We hope you'll find it helpful, also. No worries…we've done the work for you; we wrote this brief overview of the Alert Program, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel!

In addition to the Introductory Booklet that was written for this purpose, we offer the following free one page handouts to share with others:

"What's All This Talk About Engines?" (English)

"¿De que se trata toda esta plática sobre motores?” (Español)

"Was soll das ganze gerde über motoren?" (Deutsch)

"Quelle est toute cette agitation au sujet des moteurs?" (Français)

"Cos’è tutta questa agitazione a riguardo dei « motori » ??"                (Italiano)

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