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Extra String Pipe Straws (10 pack)


(Sold in quantities of 10 per pack.)

We’ve got additional straws sized perfectly for our Alert Program® String Pipes. While we include two extra straws with packs of string pipes, you may want even more.  Sold in quantities of 10, we want it to be easy and inexpensive for you to extend the versatility and lifespan of your string pipes by having plenty of straws for all to enjoy this self-regulation strategy.

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We’re proud of the quality of our string pipes. Many of our customers in clinics or classrooms want extra straws, so we’ve made it easy for you. These economically priced, high quality straws for our string pipes (sold in packs of 10) allow you to order plenty of straws for your clinic, school, or home setting. These sturdy straws are the ideal size to provide a nice, air-tight fit for your string pipes. No fuss, no stress, no reason to get blown away!