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Parents need the Alert Program® to...


  • take the tension out of parenting.
  • help children pay attention and cooperate.
  • put the fun back into family life.
Parents Self Regulation Learning

As a parent, do you…

Need a helping hand?

You’ve come to the right place. You have concerns and we have solutions. In fact, we’ve been helping parents just like you for over 35 years.

Through the Alert Program®, you’ll learn about self-regulation – so things like rising and shining, staying alert for learning at school, and winding down to go to bed come more easily.

Our low-budget, family-friendly, scientifically sound approach will help you see your child in a new way; It’s not hard. Small adjustments to your child’s daily routine can bring about big results.

Child Learning Distractions

Concerns you might see…

  • learning difficulties,
  • problems with distraction,
  • extremes in activity levels,
  • poor social skills,
  • or short attention span.
 Alert Program® is for...

Alert Program® is for...

  • autism, ADD, and FASD,
  • other learning challenges,
  • home schooling,
  • General Education,
  • Special Education.
 Research shows improved…

Research shows improved…

  • self-regulation,
  • coping with sensory difficulties,
  • executive functioning,
  • organization,
  • attention and focus.

  Alert Program®

   Activities, games, and songs for you and your family!

As a parent, where should I start?
We’d suggest…

•  Your Best Self Online Course as a great starting point to learn about the Alert Program®.
Understand what you do to self-regulate and get lots of practical self-regulation suggestions (for you and your children).

• The Take Five! book is loaded with engaging activities
designed to change your children’s alert levels.

• The Test Drive! book introduces the Alert Program® through
songs your children will love singing while they learn.

• Read more about our Alert Program® product descriptions here.

Kids Learning Self Regulation

Dive in with this comprehensive
Online Course where you will learn…

• Step-by-step guidelines and theory so you can become a
“detective” who uncovers what helps your child succeed.

• How to spend more time enjoying your child and less time
managing behaviors, through these self-paced, HD videos (Leader’s Guide book included).

Frequently Asked Questions

For Parents


Can the Alert Program® help my child?

Yes, absolutely. The Alert Program® has been helping children of all ages and ability levels, since 1990 and research has shown its effectiveness.

Many parents print out the 20+ pages of our “Alert Program® Literature and Research” document to share with teachers, school administrators, or other folks to demonstrate the excellence in evidence-based practice.

If you are new to the Alert Program®, click here to learn more.

Is there a therapist in my area familiar with the Alert Program®?

We have a list of therapists who have contacted us and have asked to be listed by state on our website, so you can find them easily. Click here to see our Alert Program® Affiliates. We update this page frequently, so check back often.

How can I support my child at home?

You might want to begin by reading articles in the Blog and then browse through our Free Resources in the footer.

Then you might want to start by reading the Take Five! to find lots of practical, low-budget activities you can do easily with your child to support self-regulation.

Want to go for the whole enchilada?
If you are interested in teaching your child the whole Alert Program®, then consider using the Leader’s Guide and taking the Online Course.

And since all of our books, games, and songs are geared for and easily implemented by parents, grandparents, and other caregivers, you can browse through our list of Alert Program® materials here. Or click here to see all our parent & family friendly books, games, and songs.

How can I explain the Alert Program® to my child’s teacher?

When you discover what self-regulation strategies help your child to be focused and attentive, you’ll want to be sure your child’s teacher (principal or other team members) knows about the Alert Program® concepts so they can be supportive.

We have a one page handout, just for this purpose, called “What’s All This Talk About Engines?”

Also, another concise, go-to resource is the Introductory Booklet that many parents have given to teachers and other team members to explain the basics of the Alert Program®. Check out our Introductory Booklet.

I’m totally new to the Alert Program® where should I begin?

We are happy to support you to find ways to help your child. You may have more questions and we’ve got answers! Click here to learn more about the Alert Program®.