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Copyright Requests

NOTE: Our Copyright Department is restructuring. And our Copyright Guidelines document and policies are being revised. Copyright requests will resume being considered in 2022. Please check back at that time.

Wondering if you need copyright permission? 99.9% of the time when someone writes, “I don’t think I need copyright permission, but I want to double-check with you about this,” the answer is, “Yes, you do need copyright permission!!”

To ensure that the Alert Program®is implemented in an authentic way to promote optimal outcomes and

To legally protect against copyright infringement, we monitor closely and enforce copyright laws as they apply to Alert Program® information, materials, and products. TherapyWorks, Inc. reserves all rights to its intellectual property.

In today’s world, many professionals do not understand or are simply unaware of the complexities of copyright law. TherapyWorks, Inc. understands that copyright issues can be complicated. The Copyright Clearance Center is a valuable resource for attaining general information about this topic. They provide many educational materials and support. An excellent video titled “Copyright Basics” provides core educational information and is easily accessible online.