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Copyright Guidelines

Our “Copyright Guidelines” is a downloadable document that supports your desire to appropriately share, present, research, and/or publish concepts related to the Alert Program®. Information in this document is relevant to you if you need to reference, reproduce, and/or copy any portion of Alert Program® copyrighted materials. In general…


  • Teach groups of individuals to implement the program through training sessions;
  • Share any Alert Program® copyrighted materials (including vocabulary, graphics, foundational concepts) without appropriate credit/referencing;
  • Post Alert Program® graphics, diagrams, photos, or intellectual materials online;
  • Record any electronic lectures, discussions, or instructions for use when teaching a class;
  • Publish any materials that include Alert Program® copyrighted concepts, vocabulary, or materials without appropriate referencing and citation; or
  • Adapt or create derivative works from the Alert Program® and call it your own!

IT IS OK to:

  • Share basic concepts and underlying theory with others to support success of the program with identified clients (adults and children).
  • Share Alert Program® copyrighted materials with adequate credit/referencing provided;
  • Request permission to use copyrighted graphics, diagrams, photos, or intellectual materials; and
  • Tell people about our program and give them a link to our website.

TherapyWorks’ office staff is available to help you
adapt figures, clarify references, or offer other support for you to finalize your project with proper copyright and trademark information related to the Alert Program®. If this service is desired, it is critical to build sufficient time into your timeline to allow adequate support to occur. Receiving last minute requests adds enormous stress to all involved, and such deadlines often cannot be met due to current work demands and out-of-town travel. Prior proper planning is always prudent. It is best to allow at least 14 days advance notification.

To ensure that the Alert Program® is implemented in an authentic way to promote optimal outcomes
and to legally protect against copyright infringement, we monitor and enforce copyright laws as they apply to Alert Program® information, materials, and products. TherapyWorks, Inc. reserves all rights to its intellectual property.

After reading our “Copyright Guidelines” in its entirety, contact us if you have any questions.

Note: TherapyWorks, Inc. understands that copyright issues can be complicated. In today’s world, many professionals do not understand or are simply unaware of the complexities of copyright law. The Copyright Clearance Center is a valuable resource for attaining general information about this topic. They provide many educational materials and support. An excellent video titled “Copyright Basics” provides core educational information and is easily accessible online.