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The American Occupational Therapy Association recognized their contributions by honoring them with the “Excellence in Intervention, Development, and Dissemination” Award.

Sherry Shellenberger and Mary Sue Williams are occupational therapists who have a joint vision to enhance the school experience of children. They believe, and inspire others to believe, that positive change can happen with the help of all educational team members (including parents) working together.

Mary Sue and Sherry have over 30 years of experience working with and learning from a variety of children, parents, and teachers in urban and rural school districts as well as clinic, home, and camp settings. They have focused on developing practical ways to teach people of all ages how to incorporate sensory integration theory into every day living.

For the past two decades, they have developed, refined, and kid-tested the Alert Program®.  One of the authors’ greatest joys is watching children find the answers to the question, “How Does Your Engine Run?”®

As co-owners of TherapyWorks, Inc., Mary Sue and Sherry have published numerous products relating to self-regulation. Since 1991, thousands of professionals have attended Alert Program® trainings with enthusiastic reviews.

In 1996, the authors decided to lecture full-time to spread the word about using the engine analogy and how understanding self-regulation can enrich the lives of children. Since children are their finest teachers, Sherry and Mary Sue now enjoy volunteering time in the community where they look forward to learning more from their excellent student “instructors.”